Are Cold Showers a Trick to Sleeping Less?

For the last week I’ve taken nothing but 100% cold showers. I live in Texas and it’s summer time so they’re not that cold but they’re still cold enough to make me cold to the touch afterwards.

I take 2-3 showers a day and it’s like getting a reset after each one. There are numerous positive effects associated with cold water but my theory is that it may reduce the urge to sleep.

I’ve consistently been an 8-10 hours person with sometimes naps. In the last week, I’ve been in the 6-8 zone with little desire to take naps despite even longer and more intense workouts than previously.

This is all theoretical of course. There are all sorts of variables in play (nutrition, adrenaline & excitement, workload) so I can’t claim this with any type of certainty but the induction of all cold showers has run concurrent with a decrease in sleep duration.

And I discount the placebo effect because I didn’t even consider less sleep as a potential benefit of going to full-time cold showers (better skin, take core temperature down, relieve muscle soreness, etc.)

Something to consider if you can face the cold water.

My production has gone way up with the extra 1-2 hours.