Bad for Business: Apple Ignoring Glaring Technical Problems with Products

In the last year, I can count 3 significant problems with Apple products that Apple has either been extremely slow to resolve or hasn’t resolved at all.

First, there was the new MacBook Air.  I was ever so close to buying it.  I was at Best Buy, ready to spend over $1,000 to get a computer that “just works” when I did one last look over the reviews on the Best Buy site and saw some people were having wifi connectivity issues.

Upon further research, this was a mammoth problem plaguing many users and yet getting NO support or answer from Apple staff for what was then months.

I didn’t buy the Mac.  I bought a PC for $800 less.

Recently, I’ve had several problems with my iPhone 5.

One is I’ve turned off data usage for certain apps.  However, I’m prompted “cellular data is turned off” every time I open up an app that I’ve turned the data off for.  This is annoying – and an easy fix for Apple – but several others have reported the issue and as was the case with the wifi, Apple has put up a wall of silence.

Another problem is when I choose an image to text out of the texting application, it no longer attaches to the text message.  Instead, I have to attach it while in the texting app.  This used to not be an issue.

Yet another problem I’ve run into is my videos/media still take up storage space even after I’ve deleted them.  I’ve discovered the answer to this problem but it never was an issue before.

The Solution

To a certain extent it’s amazing that Apple, a tech giant, would continually ignore these huge problems for months at a time, possibly over a year in some circumstances.

In my instance, it’s already cost them a $1,000 laptop sale.  In the near future, they’ll lose me as an iPhone user.

It’s their choice to not be responsive.  It’s my choice to stop buying their products.