Be Prepared Because Then You’re Prepared

Stay one step ahead of the game when you can.  Run the risk analysis in your head and ask whether it’s worth it to prepare.  It almost always is.

Preparation means you’re the one that’s already an hour out of town – with all your important stuff in tow – when the rest of the city is merging onto a parking lot 45 minutes before a hurricane is about to hit the shore.

Because you were that crazy person with a Google Alert that forwards to your phone, you had advance knowledge of said storm and a precious time advantage (which, by the way, makes all the difference).  Because you were the crazy person who planned ahead, you had $500 in cash and your important documents all in a folder.  Etc. Etc.

I think the reason people love to mock the prepared is because they feel insecure that they’re not.  And they have the comfort of knowing that most of the time, they’re “right”.

It’s true that actual disaster is rare but so what?  Why wouldn’t you prepare for the worst and live happily during the best of times?  Also, it’s very easy to be prepared.

Circumstances can change very quickly – even when they never have before or give you no reason to think they will – and that’s my point.

So how do you prepare for tomorrow?

In no order:

1. Have a $500+ cash envelope.  Digital transfers are fragile (accounts frozen, electricity reliant) but cash is cash.

2. Have food and water.  Costco bottled water is a great to have tucked away in a corner.  Add a box of fig bars and a few other quick boxed snacks and you’ll be well off.

3. Be toilet paper rich.  Again Costco.  (Other bathroom stuff like toothpaste, deodorant, contact lens solution, etc. too.)

4. Stay on top of your clean clothes. Basics: jeans, underwear, shirts, and socks.

5. Power up.  Fill up the gas can in your garage, charge up your backup chargers.

6. Stay nimble with your prized possessions.   In trying times, things are lost.  Know what your top 10% of items are and have them ready for quick swipe and goes.

These basics will have you in the top 1% of the population and they’re super easy to do.

How else can you better position yourself?

1. I still like the idea of liquidating.  Physical cash is good.  Really good.  Just don’t go around telling everyone you have it and keep it safe.

2. Invest in physical health.  It’s the best investment you can make.  ROI guaranteed.  And it especially helps for endurance, saving money, and mental clarity when you need it the most.

3. Embrace your community in the real world – not just a like or friend request on Facebook.

4. Lessen your digital reliance.

5. Pay down your credit card debt.


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