A Blinkist Alternative with a Different Approach to Self Education

A Blinkist subscription gives you access to 15 minute non-fiction book summaries (both audio and written).

The problem being that book summaries aren’t effective.

Book summaries devenomize information by stripping out color and context.

When’s the last time you read a life changing book summary?


Can you get the point of a book real fast?


Can you glean enough to BS your way through a meeting where a book was required reading?


But ultimately, do you really take away any lasting benefits?


Enter Notevantage.

Notevantage extracts gold nuggets from books, hyper-focuses on them with a summary of the tidbit and real life takeaways, and delivers the info to you every Monday.

It’s book summaries on really good steroids, like the kind Jay Cutler uses.

Instead of summarizing books, Notevantage takes the best pieces of information and gets in the mud to bold every word and highlight just how cool, amazing, and practical the info is.

“Notes” can be anecdotes, data, cool stories, and other golden info. It’s the kind of stuff you love reading books for.

It’s folly to think you can condense 10 hours of reading into 15 minutes. While Blinkist and other book summary websites like WikiSummaries, GetAbstract are well-intentioned, you don’t book summary your way to success.

However, you can improve your knowledge base by investing in information that’s specific, full of color, memorable, and comes with practical takeaways you can apply in real life.

Notevantage accomplishes this while delivering information in birthday surprise fashion: You know what’s coming but you don’t really know what you’re getting.

Notes are curated and sent out randomly, much the way some websites publish blog posts.

Randomness resides in real life so why not in education?

Oh and one more thing before I send you off to get a Notevantage subscription:

It’s written by me.

Here’s a quick breakdown of apps/websites in the informal education space:

Best Blinkist Alternativeswebsites and apps like blinkist


The best tidbits and gold nuggets from nonfiction books extracted and delivered to subscribers.


Nonfiction books summarized into 10 minute bites.  Get Abstract has a free trial.


Outlines for a wide range of books, including fiction.  Free and edited by the public.


Book summaries app with key insights from bestselling nonfiction books.