Why I Left Facebook 5 Years Ago

The primary reason I deserted Facebook is because nothing productive ever came of it for me.  I noticed a recurring pattern of time spent but nothing to show for it so I left.

I also hated the ever-evolving premises: privacy, site terms and restrictions, site structure.  As Facebook evolves, the user loses more control over their personal information and Facebook gains more.  The privacy policy was horrible from the start but got worse.

I remember a couple of instances where Facebook’s terms got too oppressive, caused an uproar, and then they reverted back to their old terms.  That alone speaks volumes about who they are and what they’re doing as a company: How much can we get away with?

Since I left, I’ve never felt like I was missing out on anything.  Any minor utility I’d get from Facebook is easily outweighed by the negatives.  However, if it weren’t for the constant policy and terms gamesmanship of the company, I might still maintain a profile.

I do have accounts created for business purposes but I no longer use Facebook to share and connect personally.