A Simple List of 12 “Superfoods” That are Extremely Healthy for You

The other day I was frustrated because I couldn’t find anyone on the Internet willing to hand deliver a straightforward and comprehensive list of superfoods with named vitamins and benefits.

During my all-out 20 minute Google searchcapade, I found out that there aren’t any “superfoods” because there’s no agreed upon definition of what a superfood actually is. Fine, I wanted a list of really healthy foods that provide a lot of benefits.

list of superfoods

Another problem was most of the superfood lists came from mainstream sites like Dr. Oz and Men’s Fitness. I don’t want to get my health information from Dr. Oz, Men’s Fitness, and the like.

Unable to find a solution, I created one. With a time budget of 2 hours, I set out on a mission to compile the best list I could into a quick, easy-to-understand, reference sheet.

However, this time, rather than searching for “healthiest superfoods” type keywords, I searched for foods that I knew to be extremely beneficial one by one. I came up with what I believe to be a helpful cheatsheet that delivers the information immediately. You can download this spreadsheet here:


and here:


This list is admittedly very incomplete and possibly incorrect on some levels. Keep in mind, this was put together given a 2-hour deadline so it’s somewhat sloppy.

Here are my sources:

authoritynutrition.com (great info)

Moreover, there are numerous foods (many of which I don’t even know of) that deserve to be on this spreadsheet but are not. As such, we’ll have to make due with it being a living document. If you maintain the KrisRivenburgh.com/12superfoods.xlsx link, you’ll continue to have access to any spreadsheet updates.

The current list of 12 foods is sweet potatoes, raw almonds, blueberries, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, red beets, asparagus, ginger, cabbage, green kale, and wild Alaskan salmon. My objective is to add at least 12 additional foods of similar extreme benefits.


Here is the Google doc:


If you don’t have Excel, you can download and save the spreadsheet and open it using the OpenOffice.org suite which is 100% free.