Where’s the Samsung Google Play Credit After Costco TV Purchase?

Update: Costco has provided a satisfactory response to my request.  I did not contact Samsung but as you can see in the comment section below many others have tried to and were given the runaround.  Fuck Samsung.

Remember how Samsung has treated you the next time you’re going to buy a product and one of theirs is a choice.  I will avoid buying Samsung as much as I possibly can, even if that means paying more for another product.

As a consumer, always remember who treats you like garbage AFTER the purchase is made because they’ll do it again.  Not only is it a good policy but it helps everyone else.

I just wrote this email to Costco:


A few months ago I bought a 55 inch Samsung Curved 4K TV from you guys.

Here’s me reviewing the TV:

So far, so great with the TV. It’s worked perfectly.

My problem is one of the perks with buying the TV was getting a $125 Google Play credit.

I never got mine. And several other people haven’t received there’s either:


If there is any large company aware of how the seemingly small consumer interactions make a difference, it’s Costco so I wanted to bring this to your attention.

Costco is one of the last major companies who believe in true customer support.

However, Costco is implicated in this Samsung Google Pay credit problem.

We all know these people aren’t making up not receiving a Google Play credit.

And I sure as hell don’t want to waste my time with this but I feel compelled to because it sucks being ripped off – even to a relatively small degree on a product purchase add-on.

Myself and others relied upon the representation of getting a large Google Play store credit when making our purchases — and we did NOT receive that credit.

Granted that add-on was supposed to go through a third party but the representation was still made in your Costco stores, on your Costco website, and on your Costco price cards.

I’m not going to call Samsung. I have no leverage with them and it’s clear they’re unresponsive to customers.

But perhaps you should.

You’re known for leveraging major companies on behalf of your customers. This is another time you need to make your bargaining power be known.

Because ultimately, you’re responsible for the representations you make even if they are completed by a third party

I have written a blog post on relaying this submission here:

Where’s the Samsung Google Play Credit After Costco TV Purchase?

And I will be updating it.

And I will post a YouTube video on this as well.

I HATE spending my time on this stuff but someone has to advocate on behalf of the consumer.

I know Costco takes care of customers but right now you’re intertwined with a vendor that is NOT fulfilling their end of the bargain.

What are you going to do about it?

Your reply will be made public.

I’ll update this post once I receive a response.

November 20, 2017 Update: I’ve received no material update or reply in regards to this.  I’ve contacted Costco who forwarded me to Samsung and then replied back to Costco.

Final Update: I contacted Costco and they resolved this PROBLEM to my personal satisfaction but I’d like to see them knock Samsung.

The real culprit here is Samsung.  I’m very likely never to buy any of their products ever again and my hope is that any other Costco members who have this problem go directly to Costco and Costco puts major pressure on Samsung.

This is one of those sly, deceptive things that often goes unpunished but the guilty corporation needs to be stung.

The reason I went to Costco is because they’re reliable and trustworthy and true to form, it took them a while, but they came through.

However, I can read how Samsung has reacted to other customers and it’s ugly.  I am very likely NEVER to buy any Samsung product again.

Unfortunately, I can’t make that absolute because so many corporations do the bare minimum to solve actual customer problems.

If this was a one-time thing, I’d never have written this post.  But clearly, this is a significant, recurring issue affecting many (there are far more who never leave a comment or write on public forums).

25 thoughts on “Where’s the Samsung Google Play Credit After Costco TV Purchase?”

  1. You are not alone. I suspect an employee problem at Samsung. Too easy to rip off the codes for themselves, so even if you get the code it isn’t valid. I wrote to the company CEO. Like shouting into a black hole. It can also be the promotion went wrong, and instead of making that clear, you just get error codes and no answer from Samsung.

    I have also written Costco – doubt it will help.

  2. You upload your receipt and enter your serial number… I can’t remember the website but it is listed on one of the cards shown above…

  3. Had the same issue, bought back in September. Samsung is of no help and tells you it is a different department that they will need to escalate it too. The actually gave us codes but first one said it had already been used, second one said it was expired and this week after over 2 months and a few hours on the phone with Samsung we did receive a functioning code. Lot of trouble to go through though and overall a bit dissatisfied with Samsung service.

  4. Same crap here. Purchased the tv from Costco and the serial number had already been used. Contacted Samsung and now I’m in email hell with support. I’ve already sent the receipt and serial number as requested, and all I’m told is…”Thank you for your patience.” This is garbage.

  5. Thanx for posting Kris!! Although I didn’t buy a Samsung TV from Costco, I DID buy a $479 Samsung Galaxy S3 Tablet from them. Annnnnnnnnnndddd it came with a promised $20 Google Play Store credit ….. Annnnnnnnnnddddddd over 6 weeks later (after an acknowledged, successful, submission of the receipt, and personal info AND two phone calls to Samsung) I STILL have not received what was promised … *sigh*

  6. Tried to register 11/7/17 online and got error message , “serial number not eligible for promotion or has already been redeemed”
    Called Samsung and got ticket number nnnnnn told to use different browser and call back if problem persists 866-888-5503
    Google chrome did not work either, called back and they manually entered model and serial number and said would process and contact me within 72 business hours via email. Nothing…
    Called 12/21/17 and they said they would send an email in 10-14 days. Really hard to understand them. Nothing…
    Called 1/5/18 they said they sent email on 12/27 but I did not see it and could not find it. They will resend using both of my email addresses. Wait 48 hours Nothing…
    Called 1/10/18 they said they would escalate and I should get an email by end of the week. Yeah, Right!

    who does one contact at Costco? this is ridiculous!

  7. Hi Kris,

    I have a same problem. I contacted both of Costco and Samsung, still having problem. Can you tell me how to write to Costco? Samsung customer service sucks!!

  8. Purchased a Samsung 65″ TV from Costco with a $125 Google Play advertised that it was included in the box. NOT!!! Employee at Costco even said that it was a great thing. How do we get our card that was promised?

  9. Just tried to redeem the $125 Google Play Credit for a 65″ television. Getting the the error message probably others have seen: The serial number you have provided is not from a participating model or has already been redeemed. For additional support please contact Samsung customer service by calling 1-800-726-7864.

    I know the model television I purchased should qualify under this offer – wondering if someone try to claim using this S/N already.

  10. Thanks for the suggestion of contacting Costco directly. I did and a very nice representative assisted me. They are receiving numorous calls on this issue. The only help that they could offer was to get a samsung representative on the phone. This person told me that the conditions on their website states that you will not receive a code for 4-6 weeks after contact. Could that be so that the time period for many retail establishments if 30 days? So after that period when you do not receive the code you are stuck? I would suggest that everyone do as I am doing and return the TV in exchange for one not manufactured by Samsung. The only power that we have over these dishonest companies is to not buy their products. If this is the way they deal with an offer that they made to entice you to purchase their product, what do you think will happen if you have any warranty issues?

  11. For those getting the “invalid serial number/already used” message, try inputing the serial number found on the back of the tv (it may be under an access panel). The serial number printed on my product box was missing a letter at the end. The letter was at the end of the serial number found on the back of the tv. Once I entered the full serial number on the website, it went through. Not to say I have actually gotten my credit yet (it’s only been a couple of weeks) but at least I was able to submit it. Hope this helps.

  12. John, my GooglePlay $125 credit card Claim for buying a Samsung 65 inch TV at Costco. I have the email acknowledging that my claim was received on 4-3-18 and the claim number. However, as of now 7-9-18 I have not received the credit with the money. The acknowledgement said it would be sent to me within 4-6 weeks! Does Samsung just use this scam to help sell their TV’s?

  13. I thought I share mine. After 4 calls to Samsung, I realized something was not right with this Samsung Google Play credit offer so I did a Google search and I found out so many people has run into the same scam as me. I had a $50 Google play credit offer when I bought a Samsung TV at Costco in August 2018. I went to Samsung online following instruction to register but it did not take the serial number. I called in on 8/25/18 and talked to a rep about it, he gave me the ticket # and told me that I should receive an email soon. 3 days went by, I received no e-mail from Samsung so 8/28/18 I called back, this time this person said that he will escalate the problem and I should receive the e-mail soon. Another 4 days still no e-mail from Samsung, so 9/1/18 I called in again, this time the rep said the previous 2 did not do it right, so he gave me a new reference # and he will escalate it to the top level and I should watch for Samsung e-mail. I asked to speak to his supervisor but he said nothing different that his supervisor can do. Then another 4 days still no e-mail from Samsung, on 9/5/18 I called in the 4th time and again a new case # was given to me. Today is 9/10/18, 5 days later, still nothing from Samsung. Forgot to mention that each time I called Samsung support, I waited between 25′ to 35′ before I actually talked to a live person. This is a SCAM from Samsung. Their support was a joke and I felt into their trap. I now finally give up.

  14. And Samsung keeps on truckin’….Sons of bitches…
    So here’s my story… Purchased a Samsung QN82Q65FNBXZA Item# 9820065 from Costco warehouse on 12/24/2018… On the shelf sign as well as the box the unit was in, it was clearly marked that a $50.00 Google Play offer was valid as part of the purchase of this model. This shit storm all started when I submitted my info by following the instructions on the Google Play offer card that was in the box of the unit we purchased. Did I mention that the outside of the box also said that $50.00 Google Play offer was contained inside box for this model, not on some models, but this exact model as well as some others…. After a few days past, I received an email stating my purchase was not valid for this offer a it was not a valid model number. 4 Live Chats with Samsung only resulted in continuous emails from their “Tier III” group saying , “Sorry, this model is not valid”. Even after every time of asking how is it not valid when Costco is listed as an approved reseller and Costco themselves have said they DO NOT sell the QN82Q65FNFXZA model, they sell the QN82Q65FNBXZA model, I was basically told to shove off and take up with Costco…
    Note I say “this model”…
    Herein lies the rub for Samsung and possibly Costco… The model number of QN82Q65FNBXZA is the issue here. Note the letter “B” in the last 7 digits of the model number. According to Samsung, this model number is not valid for the Google Play offer, but model # QN82Q65FNFXZA is (according to the Live Chats and their webpage describing details of this offer). Many, many hours of internet research (web surfing, blog reading, looking at internet archive pages, and finally a Live Chat with a Costco Rep…) has proven to me that those two model numbers are in fact one and the same product, the ONLY difference being the “B” and “F” letter in last 7 characters of the model number. I found that the model sold by Costco with a “B” in the model number is unique to them, but is in fact same item as model with the “F”… How do I know this? Because the rep on Costco Live Chat said so, that’s how…Not sure if he was supposed to give that info up, but he did.
    The Costco Rep was beyond helpful and gave me a name and number to call with Costco Concierge services. I certainly don’t expect them to eat the $50.00, but I just want them to be aware of the terrible customer service one of their suppliers is providing… I will seriously considering contacting the Federal Trade Commission with a complaint against Samsung.

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