In February 2019 I published The ADA Book.

The ADA Book details how to strategically lower your risk of receiving an ADA website compliance letter.

You may contact me at kris@rivenburgh.com.

To see more of my skills and updated professional status, go to my LinkedIn page.

My greatest strength is taking the seemingly complex and simplifying it.  I do this by closely aligning myself with what is.

My background is in marketing, law, and technology.  I’m a licensed attorney in Texas since 2012.

I’m a numbers, evidence-based guy who embraces risk when given a positive expected value.

K.I.S.S. is a mantra of mine.

I love asymmetric payoffs.

I judge people by vibes.

I try not to be beaten by the obvious.

I’ve learned that the macro is vastly underestimated because people fixate on the micro.

I listen to audiobooks non-stop.  #audibleplatinum

My favorite shows/films are financial thrillers/white collar crime movies.  Billions, The Men Who Built America (History Channel), and The Smartest Guys in The Room are my favorites.  Horror is also great.