Intro to Kris

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Kris Rivenburgh:

Watch Kris talk about ADA compliance and website accessibility on YouTube @ADABook.

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ADA Website Compliance

Most of my work over the last seven years has centered around ADA website compliance. With the new web accessibility rule that updates ADA Title II regulation, I have published numerous materials and resources designed to help state and local governments with ADA Title II website accessibility compliance. Through services and, I have the best, most pure distillation, of exactly what website owners need to take action to make their websites accessible and prevent lawsuits.

The reason my offerings are the best is because I align them with source material (DOJ guidance, ADA requirements, Title II and Title III regulations, plaintiffs’ lawyers claims) and have positioned my products and services based on the market needs, not what best suits theoretical “tech” companies (i.e., SAAS, recurring revenue).