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kris looking up in a business building lobby

Highly intelligent, hardworking, and persistent entrepreneur.

ADA Website compliance expert and creator of The ADA Checklist and The ADA Book. I consult with and provide solutions for companies making their website ADA compliant under WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

The ADA Book is available at

Helping companies with ADA compliance + website accessibility and online marketing (primarily SEO) are my two calling cards.

You can follow me personally @krisrivenburgh on Twitter.

I wrote The Bar Exam is Easy to dispel myths about the bar exam and save bartakers money.

You may contact me at

To see more of my skills and updated professional status, go to my LinkedIn page.

The picture below is me with one of my best friends, Archer.  Archer died of a brain tumor.  He serves as a constant reminder to me to be who you are.

My greatest strength is taking the seemingly complex and simplifying it.  I do this by closely aligning myself with what is.

My background is in marketing, law, and technology.  I’m a licensed attorney in Texas since 2012.

kris with his arm around archer, his dog who died

I’m a numbers, evidence-based guy who embraces risk when given a positive expected value.

K.I.S.S. is a mantra of mine.

I love asymmetric payoffs.

I judge people by vibes.

I try not to be beaten by the obvious.

I’ve learned that the macro is vastly underestimated because people fixate on the micro.

I listen to audiobooks non-stop.  #audibleplatinum

My favorite shows/films are financial thrillers/white collar crime movies.  Billions, The Men Who Built America (History Channel), and The Smartest Guys in The Room are my favorites.  Horror is also great.