ADA Website Compliance and Accessibility Consultant

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Kris Rivenburgh is an attorney, ADA Website Compliance expert, founder of (website accessibility services provider), creator of Kris’s WCAG 2.0 Guide and Kris’s WCAG 2.1 Guide, creator of Accessible Theme (a fully accessible WordPress theme specifically designed to prevent lawsuits), and the author of The ADA Book as well as several key articles on web accessibility and ADA compliance:

ADA Website Compliance Guidelines

ADA Website Compliance Best Practices (2020)

PDF Accessibility Guide

Website Accessibility for Beginners

Kris researches web accessibility cases and lawsuits, has performed manual audits, advised companies and law firms on accessibility, presented on webinars, and has spoken at industry conferences on how to make websites accessible and prevent ADA website compliant lawsuits.

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Looking for an independent manual audit?

Read Kris’s approach to audits:

How Manual Website Accessibility Audits Work

Kris is an expert and leading authority in the field of ADA Website Compliance and accessibility.

Kris continually researches both the legal and technical side of web accessibility.  Kris has attended WebAIM’s live accessibility training, Karl Groves live online training, and has enrolled in Deque University’s training.

Kris also partners with with the best web developers to remediate websites.

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