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Do you need help understanding the accessibility claims made against you in a lawsuit?

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I offer specialized consulting services to assist you in making your website ADA compliant. By booking a consulting session, you gain access to my extensive expertise in web accessibility and ADA compliance. As an attorney and an established voice in ADA compliance and website accessibility, I provide invaluable insights and practical help to ensure we do everything possible to limit your risk of a demand letter or lawsuit and make your website accessible to people with disabilities.


My credentials speak to my deep commitment and proficiency in this field. As the founder of, a dedicated website accessibility services provider, I have firsthand experience in helping website owners from small businesses to non-profits to global corporations.

My book, The ADA Book, is the most comprehensive resource on ADA compliance, offering detailed guidance on navigating the legal and practical landscape of ADA compliance and web accessibility. Additionally, my ADA Compliance Course is specifically designed to help website owners find and fix the accessibility issues plaintiffs lawyers look for and claim in litigation.

My role as an advisor extends to small businesses, companies, and law firms seeking to enhance their understanding of accessibility requirements. My expertise is not just theoretical; it is grounded in extensive research and practical application. I have presented in webinars and spoken at industry conferences, sharing insights on making websites accessible and strategies to prevent ADA compliance lawsuits.

Recognized as a leading authority, my work has gained acclaim and has been published in respected platforms like Bloomberg Law. My insights have been cited and quoted by notable entities such as, Minnesota’s state website (, Syracuse University’s website (, Yahoo Small Business, The Economist, and Computer World.

To stay at the forefront of web accessibility, I continuously engage in professional development. I have participated in WebAIM’s in-person accessibility training and workshop, Karl Groves’ live online training, and Deque University’s training. This commitment to learning ensures that I am always equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques in web accessibility.

In addition to my legal and technical acumen, I collaborate with top-tier web developers specializing in accessibility audits and remediation. This partnership allows me to offer comprehensive services that are exactly what my clients need.

Don’t try to work through ADA website compliance alone. Book a consulting session with me on Calendly, and let’s discuss how we can make your website accessible and follow best practices for ADA compliance. You will gain peace of mind knowing you are working with an expert with 5+ years experience in helping clients make their website ADA compliant.

Book a consulting session on Calendly so we can discuss your digital accessibility as soon as possible.

Clients ask me for advice on:

  • Where to start
  • How to train their team
  • Social media accessibility
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Virtual tours
  • Accessibility claims in lawsuits

And many more topics.

I have worked with clients from all industries:

  • Financial: credit unions, banks, investment firms
  • Education: schools, universities, colleges
  • Healthcare: doctors, dentists, hospitals
  • Crypto: NFTs, exchanges
  • Real estate: MLS, realtors
  • Retail: sports, fashion, clothing

Let me know what you need help with by contacting me via email or LinkedIn or you can go ahead and book a consultation on Calendly directly.

Why Hire a Consultant

Hiring an accessibility consultant can make all of the difference when it comes to getting results: integrating the right processes, making your website WCAG conformant, stopping lawsuits, and maintaining accessibility.

Expert Guidance Tailored to Your Needs

One of the most compelling reasons for hiring a consultant is the niche expertise in ADA compliance and accessibility. This is a hyper specialized field and there are very few people on the planet who are knowledgeable enough to advise you on your next best steps. The great news is the best information is already contained in my training programs (ADA Compliance Course and WCAG Course) but when you need help for your specific situation (e.g., reviewing a demand letter, planning remediation, etc.), this is where a consultant can be of immense benefit.

Organized and Directed Efforts

Consultants play a pivotal role in organizing and directing your accessibility efforts. Many organizations, particularly small businesses, often find themselves uncertain about the next steps. Relying solely on salespeople’s advice may be convenient, but it can lead to costly mistakes. A consultant offers clarity and strategic direction, ensuring that your effort and resources are not wasted and you won’t need to restart another ADA compliance project 6 months later.

Reducing Risk of Being Sued

Preventing litigation is a top priority when working on accessibility, but many clients don’t understand how to stop lawsuits so they get sued repeatedly. For example, in the last few years, I’ve noticed Kohls has been sued several times – and they’re working with an enterprise accessibility company.

Also, many clients are completely unaware that simply purchasing a scan or audit is not enough. This is part of the problem with the salespeople: they either lie, mislead, or don’t understand what they’re selling and how it relates to the client’s problems.

Cost and Time Savings

Another significant benefit of hiring a consultant is cost and time savings. In the accessibility domain, numerous products and services are marketed aggressively, some of which are completely unnecessary and others that may provide some value, but not for your situation. Without proper guidance, you might invest in “solutions” that aren’t solutions at all. A consultant will ensure that you maximize the value on your investment.

Educating You on Tools and Services

Understanding the products and services available is crucial. Consultants provide context and clarity on various accessibility tools such as scans, audits, maintenance, and reports. They help you see the bigger picture and assess which tools align with your goals, making sure you don’t waste resources on unnecessary subscriptions or widgets.

Focusing on Remediation

Ultimately, the goal of accessibility efforts is website remediation. Consultants emphasize the importance of fixing and improving your website’s accessibility. While scans and audits are valuable, they are only a few pieces of a much larger puzzle.

The Importance of a Consultant

Hiring an accessibility consultant is paramount. They possess the expertise not only in accessibility but also the legal and practical aspects. They guide you through the journey, ensuring you don’t fall for unnecessary solutions or get entangled in legal issues. Don’t wait until a lawsuit forces you to rethink your approach; invest in a consultant who can steer you in the right direction from the start.

Can AI consult me?

The short answer is AI can be helpful, but you won’t know how to prompt AI to give you the answer you need. Also, AI answers are limited to the quality and extent of its data and AI doesn’t have access to very pertinent data yet. What I have found is that AI will mostly regurgitate general answers you can discover with a Google search.

Which, again, leads us back to why consulting is so imperative. You need the right advice, not just any advice.

Ready for an Accessibility Consultation?

If you’re ready to discuss your website’s accessibility and learn how to make it ADA compliant, feel free to reach out.

You can contact me by email or LinkedIn and let me know what you need help with or you can go ahead and book a consultation on Calendly directly.