Best Web Accessibility Companies – Who Are They?

Who are the very best consultants and agencies for web accessibility?

These are my favorites as of March 2020.

WebAIM with associate director, Jared Smith.  I love WebAIM.  They keep everything as simple and as straightforward as possible.  I attended their 2-day accessibility training at Utah State University and it was well presented and highly informative.  If you search for information on accessibility, you’ve come across their extensive knowledge base on  This is my favorite agency and one I constantly recommend.  Jonathan Whiting is the director of training and was excellent as well.

Karl Groves has been in this game forever.  He’s a 100/100 in technical accessibility.  He even created an incredibly dynamic automatic scan,  He offers consulting and I think I read he’ll consider being an expert witness on his blog but he’s not just going to take any plaintiff’s claim.

Deque is well-known and highly regarded in the accessibility industry.  I talked to a few of their reps at CSUN 2019 and was impressed; Deque is on the cutting edge and have a deep talent pool of developers.  They have expertise in apps.  They also have an online web accessibility course/training called Deque University that I’m enrolled in and have frequently referenced for information.  Review: I recommend it.

The Paciello Group also has an excellent reputation.  I’ve read through their sample report (audit) and it was damn thorough.  I’ve also referenced their blog a few times when searching for accessibility information.  I’ve heard they’re pricey but, again, their reputation is sterling.

Rob Dodson, developer advocate at Google, doesn’t offer services that I know of but I wanted to toss him in here because I have got so much out of the educational material he puts out.  He hosts the a11ycasts show on YouTube and instructs on accessibility outside of that.  If you want to learn about the technical side of accessibility, Rob is a great place to start.


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