Everything is Until it Isn’t Isnt

We do a horrible job evaluating what entities (people, things) are.  We see things for what we’re told they are, what they appear to be, what other people think they are, and/or what we want to believe – not for what they truly.

This inability to accurately evaluate creates shock.

Remember Bernie Madoff?

For years, he was a super rich, philanthropic investment advisor.  Then, one day he was a scam artist perpetrating the largest fraud in U.S. history.

Remember the food pyramid?

For decades it was the standard for how we should construct or daily diet.  Then, one day it wasn’t; it was quietly transitioned into the government’s My Plate.

Remember when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa got in a home run race?

For a season they captivated the nation while every one of their home run balls was tallied and cheered.  Then the steroid scandal broke and they were scorned as cheaters.

Remember when Target was hacked?

For as long as you can remember, your credit card information was safe and secure in their database.  And then one day they were hacked and it wasn’t.

Sometimes things change things as they evolve.  But other times, things don’t change; it’s only our interpretation that becomes different.

To maintain standing, entities will insist the popular outlook is the right one.  They’ll do it right up until they can no longer.

Everything is…until it isn’t.


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