ADA Compliant Example: What Does an Accessible Website Look Like?

Any website as long as the color contrast is right.

It’s true.

I know why you’re asking this question — you want to get a feel for how to make your website accessible; what needs to be done or what things you might need to incorporate.

But really the only two accessibility items that majorly affect how most websites look are:

  1. color contrast of text and meaningful images
  2. slideshows or carousels (you can technically have these conform with WCAG but it’s best practice to leave them out.

(To get an idea of a few other smaller things, look at my does accessible design make a website ugly article.)

Other than that, an accessible website can look like any website:


It’s really a matter of accounting for alternatives in media, using descriptive and concise text, and programmatically accounting for accessibility.

Those things can be done on any website, no matter how it looks.