Portell Law Group Fair Housing Act Website Claims

The Portell Law Group has been busy sending Fair Housing Act (FHA) demand letters on behalf of their plaintiff, Access4All, Inc. to various real estate agents in 2020.

The demand letters concern website accessibility or, rather, allege that certain “errors and challenges” on the website amount to a denail of full and equal access to information.

I have multiple clients who have contacted me from Florida and Massachusetts with demand letters citing both the Federal Fair Housing Act and the respective state housing law.

The letters are signed by by Jennifer Espinet-Portell as counsel for the plaintiff.

Richard Hunt is an FHA defense attorney.  His email is rhunt@hunthuey.com.

If you would like an audit and/or remediation of your website, you can contact me at kris@accessible.org.

I have written about Fair Housing Act website accessibility law and potential solutions in another post.