ADA & FHA Website Accessibility Compliance Defense Attorney

If you have received a demand letter or are being sued for website accessibility, it’s best to get a defense attorney who specializes in dealing with web accessibility cases.

I recommend Richard Hunt of the Hunt Huey law firm.

Richard is a leading ADA and FHA defense attorney who is experienced with website accessibility cases and is familiar with the plaintiffs’ lawyers who send out demand letters and file these cases.

I recently had him on the Podcast and we covered a number of topics including:

  • Smaller businesses being sued
  • Strategy for addressing website accessibility
  • Don’t ignore demand letters
  • Settlement costs
  • Browsewrap arbitration agreements
  • The WCAG standard vs. legal standard

I’m an attorney as well and write on legal best practices for website accessibility on a regular basis.  I highly recommend Richard to anyone who receives a demand letter or has had a digital accessibility lawsuit filed against them.

Besides being excellent, Richard is one of the few attorneys who actually responds to email and answers his phone.

I try to help as many people as possible prevent a demand letter from ever arriving in their mailbox but, if you do find yourself defending against a claim, Richard Hunt is who I recommend.

We will end up hosting at least one webinar together.  If you’d like to be alerted when that’s available, subscribe to