Widget Review for 2020

Embedding a website accessibility toolbar doesn’t work for ADA compliance, 508 compliance or materially improving the accessibility of your website. How’s that for foreshadowing how my Userway widget review? It doesn’t matter whether it’s AccessiBe, EqualWeb, ADA Plugin from OnlineADA, or any other toolbar, widget, plugin – they’re never going to be a viable solution […]

The ADA Checklist: 2019 – 2020 Compliance Guidelines to Make Your Website Accessible

This overview/guide takes 8 minutes to read. WCAG 2.0 AA is the currently recognized global technical standard for web accessibility. In the United States, it is not the law but it is frequently cited to as a reference for how to make your website accessible by courts. I created a very concise WCAG 2.0 AA […]

SquareSpace Accessibility: Will Your Website Meet WCAG 2.0 AA?

Someone recently emailed me, asking if I could make their website accessible. The website was simple and would have been fairly easy to remediate but the problem is it was created with SquareSpace. While SquareSpace is aware of accessibility and provides this page on things you can do to make your website more accessible, they […]

Accessible PDF and Word Document Templates – Editable and Custom Made to Your Specifications

Are you looking for a service that creates editable document templates that are accessible and ADA compliant? Whether you need Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Excel, or Powerpoint templates, my company,, can create customized layouts prefilled with placeholder text so you can easily edit them and produce accessible documents. All documents will be properly tagged […]