Plaintiffs Law Firms Filing ADA Web Accessibility Lawsuits

So who exactly are the plaintiffs’ lawyers fueling ADA litigation in web accessibility cases? I created the chart below that shows the lawyers who have filed complaints (including those who most frequently file), plaintiffs associated with the lawyer, and the state or federal court the lawyer usually files in. This chart is all based on … Read more

ADA Website Compliance for 2023

In 2023, we will see multiple key developments that will alter the ADA website compliance landscape. The most significant change will be a decrease in the number of demand letters and lawsuits in state and federal court.  California and New York, the two most litigious states when it comes to website accessibility have had major … Read more

Pacific Trial Attorneys Targets Bloggers: California Unruh Act

Just days before the 2021 New Year, I spoke with someone who had received a very brief demand letter from Pacific Trial Attorneys. In 2020, I received several emails from people who had also received a demand letter from Pacific Trial Attorneys.  The claim being that their website discriminates against persons with disabilities. Plaintiffs Scott … Read more