Fact Sheet Summary: ADA Title II Website Accessibility Rule

On April 24, 2024, the Department of Justice (DOJ) updated regulations under Title II of the ADA to enhance accessibility for web content and mobile applications provided by state and local governments. This summary is based on the ADA.gov Fact Sheet and designed to provide a clear understanding of the requirements. Scope of Title II … Read more

ADA Website Compliance

Table of Contents Introduction The Federal Law: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Are You Required to Make Your Website ADA Compliant? Are You Exempt From Making Your Website ADA Compliant? DOJ Stance on Digital Accessibility DOJ Settlements ADA Legal Standard WCAG Versions Success Criteria Sufficient Techniques Advisory Techniques 2.1 AA Checklist Disabilities Impacted Legal Landscape … Read more

Colorado HB21-1110 Compliance: Website Accessibility Training and Services

If you are a Colorado state agency or county government, you must meet the HB21-1110 compliance requirements by the deadline of July 1, 2024. You need to make sure to start as soon as possible because HB21-1110 requires that all technology, both external and internal facing be accessible. Completing an accessibility project – even for … Read more

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ADA Website Compliance Training

The ADA Compliance Course is unlike any other accessibility training program. I’ve designed this innovative course so that web developers, content editors, and designers identify and resolve accessibility issues as they learn. This means that website owners can buy this course and immediately give it to their web team to start implementing the needed changes. … Read more