Hire Someone You Can Trust: Help Buying Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Someone alerted me they received a text about crypto from me.  This is not me.  This is a scam of some sort (e.g., hacking, phishing, etc.).  I am not contacting you.

If you would like to contact me about consulting / live crypto support, I charge $185/hour for live sessions.

Never send money to someone who claims to be without having contacted me first.

You can email me at krisrivenburgh@gmail.com.

So many people want to buy Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc. but they don’t know how.

In the past I created a cryptocurrency consultancy firm to provide actual, real help for beginners who want to own their own crypto.

The goal is to make things as easy and as simple as possible while providing a go to for advice that people can trust.

Trust is hard to find in the cryptocurrency world so I created this service.

The reality is beyond the practical side of figuring out how to buy and sell, people need to be able to consult with someone they can feel safe with and trust won’t try to rip them off or steal their money.

By 1) making it possible for beginners (or dummies) to buy and 2) providing support from a trustworthy source, I hope to carve out my niche in crypto consulting.

  1. I’m very open and notorious.  I’m a public figure with my name attached.  It’s very easy to find me and see photos/videos.
  2. I provide numerous ways to contact me.  My goal is to help people with great customer support and information, not run away and hide from them.  It’s very easy to get a hold of me: call, text, email, SKYPE, Facebook, live chat, etc.
  3. I’ll never ask for your private key or passwords.  This is absolutely on purpose so as to protect you and myself.  I don’t want access to your accounts, wallets, or exchanges and neither should any else that helps you.
  4. I want to legitimately earn business and profit.  I hate scams and the people that perpetrate them.

4 thoughts on “Hire Someone You Can Trust: Help Buying Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum Cryptocurrency”

  1. Hi Cary,

    I’m in Texas so I can’t help in person but if you decided to go the online route, I’m happy to help.

  2. Hello I need help with getting my money released when I think Im getting my money it’s always another fee. I’m being told that it’s being held buy the federal government and since I didn’t get my certificate of crystomine

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