Plaintiffs Law Firms Filing ADA Web Accessibility Lawsuits

So who exactly are the plaintiffs’ lawyers fueling ADA litigation in web accessibility cases?

I created this chart showing lawyers who have filed lawsuits (including those who most frequently file), plaintiffs associated with the lawyer, and the federal court the lawyer usually files in. This data is all based on 2020 Q4 data we gathered at eSSENTIAL Accessibility so it provides the best preview for 2021.

Note: This doesn’t mean these are the most active plaintiffs’ law firms.  Data is skewed because there are many law firms who are more focused on sending out demand letters (which do not become public record).  Moreover, some law firms focus on filing on state court and this chart reflects federal data (Bloomberg’s database picks up far less state court lawsuits).

To illustrate, Pacific Trial Attorneys is very active in this space with many demand letters sent out with claims of a California Unruh Act violation but we didn’t see any federal court filings for Pacific Trial Attorneys in our Q4 research.

Federal Court Plaintiffs (Website and Mobile App Accessibility)

Web Accessibility Lawsuits Filed
Law FirmPlaintiff 1Plaintiff 2Plaintiff 3U.S. District Court
Shaked Law GroupAretha CrossonLinda SladeMarion KilerEastern District of New York
Stein SaksJenisa AngelesFrankie MonegroSouthern District of New York
Gottlieb & AssociatesEmanuel DelacruzEvelina CalcanoCedric BishopEastern District of New York
Cohen & Mizrahi LLPJosue RomeroShael CruzChristian SanchezSouthern District of New York
Wilshire Law FirmJulissa CotaValerie BrooksRichard Paul MerrellSouthern District of California
Acacia Barros, P.A.Aishia PetersenSouthern District of Florida Miami Division
Mars Khaimov LawJosue PaguadaJose QuezadaDilenia PaguadaSouthern District of New York
Law Office of Pelayo DuranNelson FernandezVictor ArizaDaniel MoncadaSouthern District of Florida
Lipsky LoweBrian FischlerKareem NisbettEastern District of New York
East End Trial GroupEU DirectiveBlair DouglassWestern District of Pennsylvania
Potter HandyChris LangerNorthern District of California
Shalom LawMichelle Tenzer-FuchEastern District of New York
Marcus & ZelmanRamon JaquezIrene HechtSouthern District of New York
The Marks Law FirmLuc BurbonEastern District of New York
Law Offices of Mitchell SegalJay WinegardSouthern District of New York
Lawrence H. FisherAnthony Hammond MurphyWestern District of Pennsylvania
Leal Law FirmAndres GomezSouthern District of Florida
Blaise & NitschkeIsrael AntonioNorthern District Illinois Eastern

Wilshire Law Firm had more plaintiffs including Darren Gresham and Brett DeSalvo.

Gottlieb & Associates had more plaintiffs including Sandy Graciano, Donna Hedges, Henry Tucker, and Braulio Thorne.

Shaked Law Group had more plaintiffs including Pedro Martinez and Mary Conner.

Most Common Claims

So what are the key claims made by the most frequent filers?

I’ve linked to my quick profile write-ups of Wilshire (California) and Gottlieb (New York) above.  I’ve also written on Cohen & Mizrahi LLP (New York), Mars Khaimov Law (New York), and Acacia Barros, P.A. (Florida).

Accessibility Services

Part of what I do at eSSENTIAL Accessibility is researching and analyzing legal data to best serve our clients.  My name is Kris Rivenburgh.  I’m an attorney and the Chief Accessibility & Legal Officer at eSSENTIAL.

What’s cool at eSSENTIAL is we provide all of the best practices for genuine accessibility and risk mitigation all in one service for one price (no fine print, no marketing or SEO, no upsells, etc.).

Here are the core services we offer:

  • manual WCAG 2.1 AA audits
  • user testing performed by people with disabilities
  • unlimited tech support
  • unlimited legal support
  • conformance statement / certification
  • accessibility policy creation
  • automated scan
  • assistive technology our clients can make available to their audience free

As it pertains to legal support, of course you will need to hire a defense attorney (or have your own counsel) but we’ll be there to support you if you need to respond to a demand letter and provide appropriate documentation.

As any attorney reading this knows, having that kind of documentation at a quick turnaround is invaluable.

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