Plaintiffs Law Firms Filing ADA Web Accessibility Lawsuits

So who exactly are the plaintiffs’ lawyers fueling ADA website compliance lawsuits? I created the chart below that shows the lawyers who have filed complaints (including those who most frequently file), plaintiffs associated with the lawyer, and the state or federal court the lawyer usually files in. This chart is all based on data from 2020 to 2023 filings.

Note: This chart doesn’t indicate the order of the most active plaintiffs’ law firms.  Also, the data is skewed because there are many law firms who are more focused on sending out demand letters (which do not become public record).  Moreover, some law firms focus on filing on state court and this chart reflects federal data (Bloomberg’s database picks up far less state court lawsuits).

One of the most active California law firms is Pacific Trial Attorneys. Pacific Trial Attorneys is very active in this space with many demand letters sent out with claims of a California Unruh Act violation but they rarely file in federal court.

Federal Court Plaintiffs (Website and Mobile App Accessibility)

Plaintiffs Law Firms Filing Lawsuits
Law Firm Plaintiff 1 Plaintiff 2 Plaintiff 3 U.S. District Court
Shaked Law Group Aretha Crosson Linda Slade Marion Kiler Eastern District of New York
Mars Khaimov, PLLC Jenny Hwang Damon Jones Jovan Campbell Eastern and Southern District of New York
Stein Saks Jenisa Angeles Warren Zinnamon Marta Hanyzkiewicz Southern District of New York
Gottlieb & Associates Sylinia Jackson Denis Crumwell Cedric Bishop Eastern District of New York
Cohen & Mizrahi LLP Josue Romero Shael Cruz Christian Sanchez Southern District of New York
Wilshire Law Firm Julissa Cota Valerie Brooks Richard Paul Merrell Southern District of California
Acacia Barros, P.A. Aishia Petersen Raymond T. Mahlberg Southern District of Florida Miami Division
The Hill Law Firm (Michelle E. Hill, Esq. Cassandra Wilson Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles
Zemel Law (Daniel Zemel, Esq.) Carlos Herrera Superior Court of New Jersey for Hudson County
Mendez Law Offices (Diego German Mendez, Esq.) Alejandro Espinoza United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida
Mizrhai Kroub Braulio Thorne Jose Zarzuela Roberta Feliz Southern District of New York
Pacific Trial Attorneys Rusty Rendon Brittney Mejico Dominick Martin Superior Court State of California for the County of Los Angeles
Law Office of Pelayo Duran Nelson Fernandez Victor Ariza Daniel Moncada Southern District of Florida
Manning Law, APC Biglang-Awa Castro Sheila Perla Mageno Cesar Cotto U.S. District Court Central District California
Lipsky Lowe Brian Fischler Kareem Nisbett Eastern District of New York
East End Trial Group EU Directive Blair Douglass Western District of Pennsylvania
Potter Handy Chris Langer Northern District of California
Shalom Law Michelle Tenzer-Fuch Eastern District of New York
Marcus & Zelman Ramon Jaquez Irene Hecht Southern District of New York
The Marks Law Firm Luc Burbon Eastern District of New York
Law Offices of Mitchell Segal Jay Winegard Southern District of New York
Lawrence H. Fisher Anthony Hammond Murphy Western District of Pennsylvania
Leal Law Firm Andres Gomez Southern District of Florida
Blaise & Nitschke Israel Antonio Northern District Illinois Eastern

Other recently added plaintiffs lawyers are Gabriel A. Levy, P.C., the Law Offices of Sanjay R. Gohil, and The Law Office of Noor A Saab, Esq.

Wilshire Law Firm had more plaintiffs including Darren Gresham and Brett DeSalvo.

Gottlieb & Associates had more plaintiffs including Denise Crumwell, Sandy Graciano, Donna Hedges, Henry Tucker, and Braulio Thorne.

Shaked Law Group had more plaintiffs including Pedro Martinez and Mary Conner.

Mars Khaimov Law, PPLC plaintiffs include:

  • Veronica Maddy
  • Lamar Brown
  • Andrew Toro
  • Jasmine Toro
  • Victoria Dicks
  • Jenny Hwang
  • Damon Jones
  • Miriam Cruz
  • Jovan Campbell

Stein Saks, LLC plaintiffs include:

  • Bryan Velazquez
  • Daniel Rodriguez
  • Marina Iskhakova
  • Marta Hanyzkiewicz
  • Warren Zinnamon

Mizrahi Kroub LLP plaintiffs include:

  • Braulio Thorne
  • Kathleen Sypert
  • Ana Chalas
  • Roberta Feliz
  • Omar Rodriguez
  • Vivian Alvarez
  • Jose Zarzuela

Most Common Claims

So what are the key claims made by the most frequent filers?

I’ve linked to my quick profile write-ups of Wilshire (California) and Gottlieb (New York) above.  I’ve also written on Cohen & Mizrahi LLP (New York), Mars Khaimov Law (New York), and Acacia Barros, P.A. (Florida).

Accessibility Help

My ADA Compliance Course is an SOP or step-by-step instructions that you can give to your web team to find (audit) and fix (remediate) the most commonly claimed accessibility issues by the most active law firms including Stein Saks, Mars Khaimov, Pacific Trial Attorneys, Mizrahi Kroub, Manning Law, and Gottlieb & Associates.

You can learn more about the course at

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