by Online ADA Review is yet another website overlay + AI magic claim being sold as a fully automated solution to ADA and Section 508 Compliance.

The pitch is you’ll “Get Your Website Accessible in 1 Easy Step.”

All you have to do is install a single line of code.

And there’s even machine learning thrown in as a feature because Max Access supposedly learns as it goes.

I’ve reviewed EqualWeb, AccessiBe, and Userway and the story remains the same: There is no such thing as instant or automated accessibility for a website.

You can interpret WCAG 2.0, 2.1 AA any way you want and there’s no way to make a website conform with WCAG through automation.

Any AI or machine learning claims are just there for the sales pitch. Again, there’s no magical way to provide for instant accessibility.

For most of the technical reasons why overlays don’t work, read Karl Groves’s

You can also read from ADA and FHA defense attorney Richard Hunt how websites using these types of toolbar menus are still getting sued despite having overlays that claim full compliance.

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