Texas LLC Instructions for Form 205 Certificate of Formation

Confused by the vague instructions provided by The Texas Secretary of State on Form 205?

You’re not alone.  Many would-be DIYers give up and pay $49 or $99 on up to use a professional filing service or even hire a lawyer.

It’s completely necessary. 

My Texas LLC Guide explains every question and prompt on Form 205 step-by-step.

I’ve even added a new video where I walk and talk you through Form 205 as if I was filing for a new limited liability company with the state.

Here’s me explaining everything on YouTube:

I created this guide because I saw my friend – an attorney no less! – using one of the filing services (like Legal Zoom, Swyft Filings, Inc File, Incorporate Fast, etc.) you see advertised all over Google to “file” for him.

I asked him why he was paying $100 for a few minutes of convenience when he could easily just file for himself.

The answer was he thought it was more difficult than it was.

And if that’s what he was thinking, then I knew there were entrepreneurs and beginners who were making the same mistake when filing their certificate of formation and registering their company formally with the state.

There were and still are articles, blogs, and YouTube videos out there but none of them are completely clear. The instructions just don’t quite provide enough information.


Because they’re usually trying to sell something else that routes you back to a filing service, a rush or expedited filing, or another service like registered agent.

And the prices on this stuff are very fluffy.

In contrast, my guide is $15 and I only recommend the bare bones essentials needed to have you up and going ASAP.

If you need help understanding what to put on your Certificate of Formation, go to TexasLLC.org and you can instantly download and have access to both my guide and the explanation video.