Why I Don’t Take Any Supplements, Anything Whatsoever

I’m anti any type of drug or supplement or artificial whatever. The two things I’ve taken in my life are 1) massive amounts of whey protein powder over the course of years and 2) a literal drop of creatine when I was 15 or 16 (I let my tongue hit some creatine in a cup so I could taste it).

And although I’m currently out of peak condition, I’ve had great success in the gym with 17 inch biceps, curling 70 lb dumbells, bench pressing 320 lbs, and incline bench pressing 10 reps of 225 lbs.

I never was interested in taking steroids, HGH, or any of the ridiculous supplements available that could provide an artificial boost because I always felt strongly that it would be cheating and if I ever took one thing it would be cheating for life. I never had this idea that I could experiment and then back out.  No, if I took one thing once, I would have branded myself a cheater for life.

That’s how my mind works and its how I view people that take PEDs. If you took them once, you’re a cheater for life and it undoes everything you ever did (excluding cancer treatments and just taking steroids to live/be a functioning person – then I’d green light them, it’s not cheating to live or walk).

And I’ve studied PEDs. I get that steroids, when administered properly, have shown very little harmful effects vs. their portrayal as potentially deadly in the media. I also get that HGH might be a wonder drug in injury rehabilitation and prolonging careers.

But I’m not as flippant as Mark Cuban when it comes to HGH or Tim Ferriss when it comes to performance enhancers. I think sports should be free of any PEDs creams and injections whatsoever. And even though I’m a professional nothing, I can’t take steroids or the like and derive any good feelings from enhanced performance in regular life.

I acknowledge that’s not the sports world that we live in or even that I grew up in but it’s the one I think should exist.

Besides the cheating in competition aspect, I fundamentally don’t trust drugs whatsoever. And by this I mean Tylenol, Advil, daily supplements — EVERYTHING that’s chemical or a pill.

Artificial drugs are created by people and I do not trust people, especially ones that have incentives like profit.

Obviously, it’s a do the best you can world. Meat has/had hormones. And who knows what the hell else you consume, especially back in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

But I never knowingly take chemicals. I haven’t for at least 8 years. Hell, I even rejected flouride at my last dentist appointment.

When I rejected the flouride or when I reject aspirin, I get looks like I’m crazy. It’s funny because I think the would be administrator is just as crazy as they think I am.

And I’ve been injured. I’ve had my bicep completely tear and fall off while lifting weights. I’ve completely torn both my rotator cuffs. I’ve shredded my hamstring to the point the whole backside of my leg was purple and black. I still have back problems from my friend trying to bench 315 lbs and then not pushing at the count of three while I gave him a lift off – I’m sure there’s some kind of ongoing hernia or slipped disc or something. I get headaches every once in a while.

It’s not a fucking excuse for indulging in chemicals. I think chemicals are the LAST resort. Would I take them? Yeah, if I had nowhere else to turn but in all the previous scenarios, I’ve had a place to turn and that was to step back and allow my body to heal.

Would I take PEDs if it meant the difference between $100m and $2m? No.

I have to be able to live with myself and I can’t do that as an artificially enhanced person.

For others that get on whatever juice, I see them as weak and tainted, but I also see it as their choice.

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