WordPress Accessibility Plugins Only Kind of Work – Which is Best?

I know what you’re looking for.

You want that elusive FREE free WordPress plugin that you upload to your WP dashboard and it instantly solves all of your website’s accessibility weak spots.

Three words:

Does.  Not.  Exist.

There is no “one click accessibility” or “instantly accessible” option.

The best plugin I’ve seen is Joe Dolson’s WP Accessibility.

And Joe will even tell you his plugin can’t reach all of the accessibility issues.

A plugin can only do so much, it can’t:

  • add alt tags to images,
  • add labels to forms,
  • add closed captioning to videos
  • can’t rewrite all of your anchor text to be descriptive
  • can’t make PDFs accessible
  • can’t ensure your website is fully functional using only a keyboard

What about toolbar overlays like WPAccessibility.io?

Whether it’s a free WP plugin like WPAccessibility.io or a paid toolbar overlay like Accessibe.com (note the on purpose mispelling), toolbar overlays are only minimally helpful.

The truth is that toolbar overlays are usually redundant with the options screen readers provide users; they look helpful on the outside but don’t upgrade accessibility performance nearly as much as you might think.

I actually have a premium WP project that is on my back burner that would be as close to an all-in-one solution as you’d find (think Dolson’s but more thorough, several more bases covered) but I’m months away from having that developed and ready for consumers.

One key in all of this is the plugin is going to have to work in conjunction with an accessible theme + you’re going to have to continually upload content in an accessible manner.

What constitutes website accessibility?

Check out my WCAG 2.0 Guide.