Canon Law ADA Website Demand Letters – Kousha Berokim

Kousha Berokim, Esq. of Canon Law has been very active in sending demand letters with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Unruh Civil Rights Act claims alleging website inaccessibility.

I’ve been in contact with multiple recipients of 2021 demand letters.  The plaintiff listed in the demand letter is Xandra Krahe and the letter includes a proposal for “structured negotiations” which amounts to a settlement.

There is also a request for a response by a date with a potential lawsuit.

In my experience, the specific claims of inaccessibility made consist of screenshots of WAVE automated scan results.

Canon Law is located in California and is one of many law firms including the Wilshire Law Firm, Pacific Trial Attorneys, Potter Handy, and others who have entered into the swelling cottage industry that targets website owners.

You can find out more about Kousha Berokim on his California State Bar profile page:

If you have received a letter from Kousha Berokim of Canon Law representing Xandra Krahe and need help with website accessibility services, I can help with WCAG 2.1 AA conformance and consultation.

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