I review all of the accessibility overlays because people keep buying them.

Every single one of them is a waste of money – they do not make you accessible and they do not make you ADA compliant.

You are such a sitting duck for a demand letter/lawsuit if you install an overlay on your website and think you’re done.

And, yes, websites with overlays (also referred to as toolbars, widgets, plugins, apps, toolbar menus) are just starting to get sued too.  This is just the beginning – many more are coming in the very near future.

The main reason people are still getting sued is because these overlays don’t actually make your website accessible. is just another toolbar overlay in a long line of toolbar overlays.

The pitch is the same: We’ll give you a piece of JavaScript code and you paste it in your website and then you’re ADA Compliant.

Vendors like ADA Comply and AccessiBe are doing their best to build an army of affiliates to promote this lie.

AccessiBe has actually been trying to brand themselves as web accessibility: “AccessiBe is web accessibility.”

God, what a fucking joke.

But all the marketing in the world can’t undo this fundamental flaw with overlay vendors:

They don’t actually make your website accessible.

There are so many reasons why.  You can find a nice list of some of them on Karl Groves website and I’ve also written on some of the legal and practical shortcomings.

Of course, you’ll read many 5 star reviews off affiliates promoting ADA Comply 2.0 (hahaha 2.0 – as if the version matters) because they’re getting a commission.

These reviews are clogging up Google which sadly helps people fall for the lie.

Hopefully more people find out that there is no automatic solution to website accessibility.  It takes an investment of time, money, and energy.

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